Some Puffins


After the 2015 campaign ended with around 300,000 birds counted, we returned to count location to continue sampling. With the forecast of moderate winds Northwest for today (11/22/2015), me, Håkan, Pedro Ramalho and João Tomás we arranged to count during

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Some reflections


This is a welcome site, a deep-see fishing boat arriving with a cloud of Gannets, gulls and Great Shearwaters in its wake. Now the Peniche Seabird Project 2015 is near closing for this year, one more day to go. The

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Quarter of a million seabirds and Black Guillemot


Gannets. Photo: Erik Hirschfeld On November 7th we passed 250 000 migrating seabirds. Migration was quite intense, but we are sure that bird no. quarter of a million was either a Cory’s Shearwater or a Gannet. There was a major

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Local birds

Turnstone. Valentin Moser

I stayed in Peniche 2.5 weeks and it was a great time.  As you can read in the last post, seabirding is unpredictable. Sometimes it looks bad and is great, sometimes it is slow, even with presumably favorably winds. Luckily

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Great day for Cory’s

What is exciting with sea-watching is that you never know what you will find. Not just concerning rare birds, but also when it comes to unexepcted occurrence patterns. Today Hannes had decided to join Pedro for some full-metal day birding

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Record number of Great Shearwaters and some Chiffchaffs.


The last few days we have had some Chiffchaffs joining us in the bushes at the counting site. We discussed if one of them could be an Iberian, but have not heard any calls from the individual which looks like

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Last week


Monday was the first day with 5 Shearwater species (read more about it in the last blog post), followed on Tuesday by the first big movement of Gannets with around 10’000 birds, several flocks of Phalaropes and again 5 species of Shearwater

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The last days…

One of the two Yellow-browed warblers found in Peniche. Andreas Petterson

The last days were good. The weather was calm, but there were still birds moving. The (almost) daily species seen now include Razorbill, Lesser Black-backed Gull and several species of ducks – late migrants. Nice to record was Osprey, Red-throated

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Common scoters and Red-throated pipits

From Left to right: Håkan, Valentin, Hannes, Andreas and Inês

21-23 October During these days the wind has blown weak from the East and Southeast, which resulted in lower numbers of seabirds. The highlight for these days was the record of 2 Red-thoated pipits flying over the counting site, the

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20th October – Isabelline wheatear

The possible photo.

During the morning count the highlights were the first Wigeons of the season, two Kittiwakes and around 50 Great skuas. However by the end of October 19th, Pedro Ramalho, found an Isabelline wheatear in the fields between Peniche and Baleal, so after

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