Peniche Seabird Count

Peniche is located in the very west of Portugal just an hour and a half north of Lisbon. It is one of the best places in Europe to watch seabirds from but comparatively little is known of actual numbers.

With the right winds gannets can be counted in tens of thousands, all four species of skuas occur as well as Sabine’s Gulls, phalaropes, storm-petrels and auks (later in season). Manx, Balearic, Cory’s and Sooty Shearwaters are always around and Great Shearwater is regular. Madeiran Storm-petrel breeds on the islands visible from Cabo Carvoeiro, the counting site, and has rarely been recorded from shore. 

Counts have been made here before, but now we aim for a complete coverage of systematic counts between August 15th to November 15th. We will also count landbirds and other seabirds that migrate past Cabo Carvoeiro. The surroundings are good for finding rarities, a small population of Richard’s Pipits winter here and the harbour is an excellent place for gull-watching. 

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Results will be displayed regularly on the blog tab on this site, starting August 16.

Welcome to join us exploring the fantastic bird migration off Peniche!

Leila Cardoso, Helder Cardoso, Johan Elmberg and Erik Hirschfeld.